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Pathé, Propaganda, and Potatoes - Hatgirl says "Hi"

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July 27th, 2015

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09:33 pm - Pathé, Propaganda, and Potatoes
A few years ago I was looking through the online Pathé newsreel archive, as you do, when I came across The Best Thing Ever. In the 40s and early 50s, propaganda films were made to persaude children in the UK that they really, really wanted to spend their spare time picking potatoes. Child labor on the land during WWII seems to have been necessary, and many children seem to have enjoyed the experience. But whatever, these videos are hilarious.

Who's fault is it that there are no potatoes? YOURS, that's who! (also, ah! Potato avalanche! That does not look safe)

Does your child need to be "built up for the winter?" Send him to potato picking camp!

This is so subtle and cunning... "It may mean a week of school, of course..." I see what you did there!

This lad's obsession with his brother's friend Ginger starts to get a bit weird...

My absolute favourite. SAVE THE POTATOES, CHILDREN! SAVE THEM!!!

And I thought that was all there was...until today! When I found out that AP Archive/British Movietone have opened up their archives. MORE POTATOE-Y PROPAGANDA, YAAAAY!

No-one wants to see your holiday photos, kid

And this... this magnificent gem is the best of the lot.

I love the Internet, I really do.

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Date:July 27th, 2015 10:27 pm (UTC)
I'm going to have to come back and watch these....maybe with the niblings while they are here.....
[User Picture]
Date:July 28th, 2015 09:04 pm (UTC)
I will not be held responsible if your niblings decide to run away to a potato farm based on these idyllic videos. Or if they have nightmares about shriving anthropomorphized potatoes... :-D
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Date:July 28th, 2015 03:12 pm (UTC)
Holy crap! I'll run down to my employment exchange right now!
[User Picture]
Date:July 28th, 2015 09:10 pm (UTC)
You'll earn a shilling and a penny per hour, you'd be a fool not to!

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